99% of claims paid for second year running Income Protection specialist, dg mutual, paid over 99% of its Income Protection claims in 2009, for the second year running, reaffirming the mutual society’s commitment to support members. The society received the highest number of claims for ‘Infections’ with 40% of members claiming against Swine Flu and other Viral illnesses. Many claims were paid under day one cover – something that most providers do not offer. Chief Executive, David Thompson, believes its high payout rates are due to thoroughly evaluating an individual’s medical history at the application stage to be one hundred percent certain of the risk they’re taking on. He adds; “We take the time to review a person’s medical history at the outset which then speeds up the process if someone has a genuine claim. Larger companies might not have the time to be so thorough which results in claims not being paid or delays.” dg mutual hopes the news will help to change perceptions and boost the popularity of Income Protection; “Customers are looking for a company they can trust and I believe our rates demonstrate our market leading position within this sector and our commitment to our members.” As a mutual society, dg mutual is owned by members who all receive a share of the profits when their policy ends. Last year, over £1.7m in bonuses were paid out to members. The company was established in 1927 and specialises in providing Income Protection to self-employed professionals, although its starter product ‘Classic Double Share Scheme’ is available to people who are self-employed, employed or currently not in employment.