5 reasons to love income protection

February is the month of love so it’s got us thinking about how income protection insurance is your ideal partner.

Income protection is possibly the most important insurance policy that every working adult in the UK needs, as recognised by consumer championWhich?*But only one in nine people actually has cover to provide a regular income if the worst happens.

We already know income protection is great, but don’t just take our word for it…here’s five reasons why you could soon fall head over heels for this insurance:-

  • It saves the day-Income protection provides a level of financial security to keep you afloat. Self-employed professionals rely on their ability to work so income protection is there to provide a regular income if illness or accident strikes
  • Helps pay your bills-Just because you’re ill doesn’t mean the bills will stop coming in. Income protection insurance can help towards bills and everyday expenditure
  • Nest egg for the future-If you chose income protection insurance from a mutual society, you will receive a cash lump sum at the end of your policy
  • Peace of mind-Many people couldn’t survive on what the state provides so income protection insurance is perfect to provide the additional security you need
  • Flexible cover-It can protect you from both short term and long term illness, so no matter what the reason, income protection will help support you and ensure you get back to full health as quickly as possible.

So with the month of love in full swing, why not give yourself some tender loving care and ensure you take out an income protection policy.