Invest In Yourself

Building up your skills is a form of insurance policy. If there are gaping holes in your CV, it makes sense to get extra training. No language skills? Think about local adult learning opportunities or online or TV based courses.  Think you might like to develop more expertise in IT?  Check out the availability of online resources and local training courses.  Even if you don’t lose your job or get sick, broadening your skills gives you more career options further down the line even if you remain with your current employer. But for others it can lead to self-employment.

Find Ways To Boost Your Earnings

Finding ways to increase your monthly earnings doesn’t just boost your lifestyle but it can also make it easier to save.  Many people make money through car boot sales or eBay but other less time consuming options exist. For example, tutoring part time can be very lucrative especially if you have a science background or a post-graduate degree. Other people decide to explore making money with websites. There’s bound to be something that suits your schedule and aptitudes.