dg mutual prides itself in keeping up with the times. So it makes us very happy to tell you our website has a new look, making it even easier to find your way around. This includes getting a quote.  Just place your cursor over the Quote button on the menu to select your chosen package. 2 clicks and you’re done.

We also have another important announcement. We are now offering 2 distinct types of package. Both protect income but the policy benefits vary.

Our original Income Protection package remains available. Under current tax rules, it provides a tax free lump sum benefit upon retirement. However, we do recognise different people have different requirements.  Not least because of the range of polices held by individuals. Therefore, we expanded our product offering to include the new package. Pure Income Protection Insurance does not provide a lump sum on death or retirement, and consequently the premiums are lower.  It does however cover you for the widest possible range of conditions. In that respect it’s similar to our original package.

Pure Income Protection can provide cover for up to 66% of pre-tax earnings or £1200 per week.  If you make a claim benefit is paid out until you’re back at work or reach the retirement age of 65. Multiple claims can be made.  Pure Protection is available with a choice of policy structures:  Day One Reducing, Day One Constant, and Deferred Constant. This allows you to structure cover according to your financial circumstances and any other cover you have in place. Day One Reducing starts on the first day of illness but drops to 50% after 26 weeks. Day One Constant pays out from day one at a constant rate.  Deferred Constant is the most flexible. Benefit can start after 4, 8, 13, 26 or 52 weeks and is paid at the same rate throughout. Pure Income Protection remains in place as long as subscriptions are paid but premiums are not refundable when the policy is cancelled. Industry-leading cover remains in place, but premiums are cheaper.

Quotes for full Income Protection Insurance are available here http://www.dgmutual.co.uk/income-protection/.  In both cases we just need 4 bits of information to provide you with an illustration. It’s that easy.