Wow! What a great Olympic season for Team GB. They have triumphed, winning 29 gold  medals and coming third in total with 65 medals, giving the nation a great sense of pride. As you celebrate the success of this country, think about the hard work you have achieved in your business too…

Now is a great time to look back on your achievements, especially as we are approaching the last quarter of the year, so reflect on your business success and review what you should improve on.

When planning ahead, did you know income protection can protect your hard work?

Income protection insurance gives you an income if you fall ill or are injured which is especially important for self-employed professionals whose income relies on their ability to work.

For many, it may not be the first thing you think of, but it can be truly worth its weight in gold. For example, a 30 year old self-employed professional earning £30,000 a year would pay around £37.00 a month and receive a monthly £1,650 immediately if an illness/injury struck. This is especially important as many people couldn’t survive on what the state provides.

It can also be flexible to fit in with how well your business is doing so you only pay for what you need.

Protecting you from short term and long term illness, income protection will ensure you’ll get back to full health as quickly as possible as you won’t be worrying about paying the bills.

Not sure what cover level you need? Get in touch and we’ll make sure you are protecting your gold.