Now the children are back at school, the Olympics are over and summer holidays seem like a distant memory, the UK is getting back to business.

As our attentions turn to making the remainder of the year as successful as possible, business owners need to have a clear focus. Yet running a business isn’t always as easy as it sounds is it? After all, it usually involves a constant juggling act.

Sometimes a ball gets dropped through unforeseen circumstances like IT issues or ill health.

The key is to prepare, as much as possible, for what life throws at us. A simple audit of what could affect your business is a good starting point so you can put a back-up plan in place for preparing for issues such as cash flow and IT problems.

Whilst we’re not IT experts and I’m afraid we can’t help with chasing your clients for money, we can help protect your income in case you fall ill or become injured.

Our income protection is designed specifically for self-employed individuals. And for

less than that unused gym membership costs, you can have peace of mind that in the

event of an accident or sickness you will receive a tax-free income every month until you

are well enough to return to work.

Now wouldn’t it be nice to remove that worry and get back to business? Just take a look at our online calculator to see how much cover you would like.