dg mutual, an Income Protection specialist for self-employed professionals, has paid out 99% of claims for the fourth year running, with over 60% of claims paid out within one week and over 90% paid within two weeks.


It is the fourth year the Mutual Society has settled 99% of Income Protection claims, which is one of the highest pay-out rate in the industry.


2011 saw the tough economic climate continue with the cost of living rising, meaning it is harder to overcome illness financially. However, income protection insurance was able to help self-employed professionals keep afloat.


CEO of dg mutual, David Thompson, says “Our values in treating everyone fairly are reflected in settling claims quickly without hassle to enable members to concentrate on getting back to full health. Overall we managed to pay out over 90% of claims within two weeks of receipt.”

“Infections were again the main culprits which emphasises the need to insure for absences of up to a couple of weeks which our ‘Day One’ policy is specifically designed to do,” explains David.

2011 showed that on average:-

  • Each new claim was for 14 days absence
  • The average age of claimant was 45
  • 7% of members made a new claim in the year.

dg mutual was set up in 1927 to assist dentists during hardship. Today, its members consist of a variety of self-employed professionals including osteopaths, hygenists and doctors.

2012 sees dg mutual launch their ‘Keep Afloat’ campaign to show self-employed professionals that they needn’t worry when struck with illness.