dg mutual’s Current Position on COVID-19

The Society is working closely with our advisers to ensure that we remain in a position to support
our members who have been impacted by the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). As the situation surrounding COVID-19 is still evolving, we will keep our guidance under review.

Our members can make a claim if they suffer a loss of income because they cannot work as a result of their illness (including COVID-19) or injury.
To make a claim, members need to complete and return their claim form as soon as possible.
We will assess our members’ claims (including those for COVID-19) in line with our standard procedures and in line with their individual plan.

If you are isolating yourself, even at the direction of your employer or the appropriate authorities, you will not be considered incapacitated.

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We are a mutual friendly society established in 1927 to help our members and share our profits with them.

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In the last nine years over 99% of all claims paid and over 70% new claims paid within a week.


  • Up to £1,200 benefit tax free per week
  • Benefit payable from day one or deferred by 4, 13, 26 or 52 weeks
  • A tax free lump sum on retirement

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Tel: 0121 452 1066    Fax: 0121 452 1077

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