The summer evenings have long gone and we are now well into Autumn so it’s not hard to meet people who are suffering from a sniffle or two. As you’re self-employed you may find yourself shying away from the crowds as a bout of the flu could leave you out of work and out of pocket.

Without the luxuries of sick play from an employer you rely instead on your own financial support if you fall ill. Most colds last on average between eight and nine days, but about 25% last two weeks* so a big earning potential could be lost.

Working when you are ill could also do more harm than good as it slows your recovery time so it’s important to get lots of rest and relaxation to enable you to get better as quickly as possible.

Income protection insurance is one way to help you relax as it provides the financial life line you need at times of illness.

By providing a tax free income when you are unable to work, income protection lets you take the time off you need. You can also receive your money straight away and it costs less than you might think. Why not visit our online calculator to get a quote?

Income protection covers a wide range of long term and short term illnesses including the common cold and flu.

Here are a few facts about income protection you might not know:

1)     You receive a share of the profits.If you choose a policy from a mutual society, you will receive a cash lump sum at the end of your policy.

2)     It’s not the same as payment protection insurance.Payment protection insurance typically only pays out up to 12 months following a claim and is designed to protect your payments for a loan or mortgage. Income protection is different and provides long term cover until you recover or retire and protects you salary, not your payments.

3)     It meets your individual circumstances.There are a lot of different policies so it’s easy to find one that meets your individual needs. For example, if you need an income straight away, choose a policy that doesn’t involve a deferment period. You can also choose how much to pay each month, based on what you can afford.

Don’t let a cold freeze your finances, get the cover you need to stay afloat.