You’re self-employed, have a bad cold and feel awful.  But as you’re the star of the show, you have to keep going.  So reluctantly, you go off to work feeling sorry for yourself.

Sound familiar?  It’s probably what thousands of self-employed professionals do every day as there are no luxury employer sickness packages if you work for yourself.  A few days looking after yourself properly just seems impossible.

But even the hardiest individuals are occasionally forced to spend a few days at home to get better.  However, not working usually means not earning.  So every day of ‘rest’ is not helped by the constant niggle that you MUST get back to work and earn some money.

If only you could make things a little easier for yourself and remove some of the worry…

Thankfully, there is a solution.  By taking out Income Protection insurance with dg mutual, you will receive a tax-free income if you’re off work through sickness or injury.  Our Income Protection covers short term illnesses such as a cold or longer term injuries or sickness.

There are affordable options for everyone, it’s simple to claim and you could start to receive money straight away if you’ve chosen our Immediate Cover Plan product.

There are some things in life you can’t control including your health.  By having a backup plan, you can concentrate on getting better and not worrying about paying your bills.

You’re starting to feel a little better already aren’t you?