Have your say on our website and products

Are you a budding marketing guru? Or looking to become more involved with dg mutual to help boost your share of the profits? Well now is your chance!

dg mutual is asking members to play a part in improving our communications by renaming our products and giving feedback about our website.

Why are we doing this? We have five products which we’ll admit are a little heavy on technical speak. We want to rename these so they are instantly recognisable to customers. For instance, we’ve recently changed the name of our ‘Day One Reducing Bond’ to ‘Immediate Cover Plan’ because this policy pays out an income immediately.

The other products we would like to rename are:

  • The Day One Constant Bond
  • The Day One Escalating Bond
  • The Deferred Constant Bond
  • The Deferred Escalating Bond
  • Double Bonds.

You can find out more about these products www.dgmutual.co.uk/dosuments.asp So, if you can think of better names for the above products , please let us know by emailing us at productname@dgmutual.co.uk or calling us on 0121 452 1066. The closing date is 31/05/2010 and the person who recommends the winning names will receive a prize of £50.

Plus, what do you think about our website? Would you like to play a part in a group that reviews our website and provides feedback?

Your views are important to us so we want to hear the good and the not so good!

How you give us your opinions is entirely up to you. You can complete a quick questionnaire, speak to one of our team or even meet at our offices in Birmingham.

If you’re interested, simply let us know by emailing us at websitefeedback@dg mutual.co.uk or calling 0121 452 1066 by 31/5/2010. And tell us how you would like to be involved.

By improving our service and our communications, we hope more people in the UK will benefit from Income Protection and you, our members, will benefit by being part of a larger society.

We look forward to hearing your ideas.

Competition terms and conditions

  • Entries must be received by 5.00pm on 31/5/2010
  • The winner will be chosen by dg mutual and will be notified within seven days
  • No dg mutual employees are to enter the competition
  • By entering the competition, the winner consents to take part in any publicity resulting from this competition