Pure Income Protection for the Self Employed

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Established 1927

We are a mutual friendly society established in 1927 to help our members and share our profits with them.

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In the last nine years over 99% of all claims paid and over 70% new claims paid within a week.


  • Up to £1,200 benefit tax free per week
  • Benefit payable from day one or deferred by 4, 13, 26 or 52 weeks
  • A tax free lump sum on retirement

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Specialist providers of Pure Income Protection insurance to the self-employed and professional business people.

Trusted since 1927

dg mutual specialises in income protection insurance for self-employed people. If you are self-employed and worry about paying bills and general finances if you are unable to work, dg mutual offer a range of plans including sick pay insurance. dg mutual is an expert private insurer established in 1927.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We like to be as transparent as possible. Here we have answered the most requently asked questions. If you have anymore questions please contact us.

Is income protection insurance right for you?

There are many instances where people can benefit from an Income Insurance Protection plan from dg mutual :-

  • Those with family responsibilities
  • Home owners looking to protect mortgage payments
  • Anyone with regular monthly outgoings, such as loans, credit card payments, council tax and other bills
  • Self-employed people whose income is entirely dependent on them working
  • Those with full-time household duties, who may need to pay for help with things like childcare if they are incapacitated.
Benefits of a policy from dg mutual
  • Benefit payable from day 1 or 4, 13, 26 and 52 weeks of illness or injury
  • Retirement ages of 55 or 60
  • No Occupational Premium Loadings
  • No Smoker Premium Loadings
  • Constant or reducing benefit
    (Reducing benefit is available for Day One cover only)
  • Escalating benefit option – payable after 52 weeks of claim. Benefit will escalate by 3% and will continue to increase at that rate for every year the claim is valid
  • Tax free lump sum at end of policy
    (Free from UK personal income tax and capital gains tax under current legislation)
  • Double Bond option – benefit levels are unchanged but additional subscriptions will double the amount of bonus apportionment awarded annually.




Our members are self employed or contractors

We know everything there is to know about protecting your income.







Client Testimonials

“Omega Financial Management dg mutual approved broker.”

I have been with the Dentist’s and General Mutual Benefit  Society for over 20 years.  Over that time I have needed their services multiple times.  Kevin Yarnold has always been available and diligent in processing any claim as quickly as possible.  
Every contact made with the Society has resulted in me receiving the upmost care and outstanding professional service.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Kevin or any member of the D&G team.


I would like to take the opportunity to state that I am a massive fan of D&G and regularly advise colleagues to consider you. Having the security you provide has always been great relief to me over the years especially as for many of those years I was a single mum with only my income to rely on. I hurt myself earlier this year and Kevin Yarold during COVID was my point of contact and I could not praise him enough for his quick response and attention.

Thank you for always being there and helping me out this year especially. 


I broke my left humerus and had to take the best part of 6 months off work. I was very relieved that I had the Day 1 cover in place and I was paid from the very first day I couldn’t go to work until I returned fully six months later. The claims process itself was easy and Deirdre from Omega and Kevin in dg were extremely helpful. I found I could be honest with them and they would take my word for my progress, no need for medical reports and examinations. I was very glad I had the cover in place as I was able to pay all of my bills while I couldn’t work. I would highly recommend it to any self-employed professional Vet.



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