When you think about the things you love, what is it? Your house? Family? Holidays? Car or other possessions?

Now think about how you protect these things. You have appropriate insurance set up, right?

This insurance gives you added security and helps to provide peace of mind and protect the things you love and enjoy. But one thing many fail to protect is their income.

Recent research shows that income protection doesn’t sell as well as other insurances as people don’t believe they need the cover. But did you know you are more likely to make a claim on income protection than critical illness or life insurance?

Income protection provides a financial safety net as it gives a regular tax free income if you are unable to work because of illness or accident. It is especially important for self-employed individuals whose income relies on their ability to work.

Income protection insurance is cheaper than you think and payments can be worked out on what you can afford. It covers a wide range of occupations and illnesses, and each policy is different so be sure to find the one suited to your needs.

Having a look online can help you to get a feel for what you are after and independent websites such as Which? offer a lot of free advice.

Once you have chosen your policy, remember to continually evaluate it to ensure it’s still current for what you need. You can then enjoy what you love in life while being stress free, knowing you are protected if the worst happens.