If you think that getting a quote for income protection insurance is a complicated process think again. Our online income protection calculator will generate a quote in a few simple steps. Each individual quote details various options.  Hit the Apply button underneath to start processing your application. We’ll be in touch shortly after to discuss policy alternatives.

Income protection is the insure policy you take out to protect yourself from hard times should you be unable to work. Unlike critical illness cover an income protection policy will cover you for a wide range of physical and mental illnesses – anything that causes illness that prevents you working.  It’s the ideal form of cover for the self-employed and contractors.

So here’s how our quote calculator works.

The quote calculator only needs four pieces of information to generate a quote: your date of birth, your retirement age, your gender and your desired weekly benefit amount.

The weekly benefit amount is a term you may not be familiar with. Our policies can cover up to 66% of your per- tax income – up to £1200 per week.  The greater the weekly benefit amount you protect the higher your premium will be.

As a rule of thumb we don’t then increase the premiums because of pre-existing medical conditions or because you smoke. But your policy will be fully underwritten and there are some policy exclusions for things like drug or alcohol misuse, disorderly conduct, wilful self-inflicted injury, pregnancy or hazardous pursuits.

Our online quote generator provides figures based on the information provided. You’ll see there are various alternatives to pick from.  Therefore as indicated above, an online application is just the start of the process.