Many of our clients are contractors working in IT, business, medicine or veterinary fields.  For some, we know it’s a lifestyle choice. For others, it can be a lucrative way to gain experience between permanent roles.  Rather against expectation the contracting sector is flourishing. Probably because clients are reluctant to hire permanent staff or simply don’t have the in house capability.

IT contractors work across industry and in specialised software and IT consultancies.

Roles are often project based and contractors can find themselves working across departments.   The work is more varied than ever before with developer roles covering everything from Business Objects to Blackberry to SQL and Drupal.  It’s also true to say that nowadays IT contractors can come from a wide variety of backgrounds from the self-taught to those with PhDs.

Business consultants are working mainly for larger companies and there is demand for those who have high level functional experience in HR, Marketing and Finance. In the current climate clients are more results orientated, but the rewards are good for capable people.

Medical contractors (or veterinary contractors) work as locums on both long and short term contracts at most levels from GPs through to consultants.  It’s similar on the veterinary side where locums can work in surgeries or veterinary hospitals or schools. It used to the case that most locums were junior staff but this is no longer the case.

In all the above cases you’re likely to be self-employed, either running your own limited company or as a sole trader. This means if you get sick there is usually no sick pay or employer provided health insurance to fall back on. However if you were to take out your own income protection insurance through us you would be covered for both short-term and long term sickness, illness or injury.

A contractor’s career is a rewarding but risky one. You are exposed to losses when you can’t work due to illness.  Hardship can be avoided by protecting your income. At  DG Mutual we understand the world of contracting and can tailor an income protection policy to suit your wider circumstances. It’s possible to protect up to 66% of your income and structure a policy that dovetails with other policies you may have.

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