Income Protection Insurance Making an Informed Decision

You want a quote for income protection insurance. Your first step should be to read through some of our documents – including our Product Guide. All the information you need to make a decision is available online. We really believe everyone should make informed decisions about their cover requirements.

Getting a quote processed is the next step to enhancing your financial stability. If you operate a business, are self-employed or work as a contractor you’ll appreciate your ability to earn is dependent on your health.  If you become ill or sick and are unable to work, you jeopardise your lifestyle.

How Much Cover Can I Get?

With our Income Protection products you’re able to protect up to 66% of your pre-tax income- up to a maximum of £1200 a week.  Unlike other forms of insurance, with income protection, the money paid out under income protection is yours to spend how you wish. If you have a mortgage or rent to pay it could cover that. Or it could cover your other monthly expenses. Payments are made until you’re able to earn an income – for how long as it takes.

For your peace of mind you should also know, compared to other types of cover such as critical illness, income protection insurance covers the widest range of illnesses including those that are stress related.  We have very few policy exclusions and there is no loading for smokers. And when you retire you get a lump sum which is tax free under current legislation.

Getting  A Income Protection Insurance Quote Online

Getting a quote from us for income protection insurance couldn’t be easier. All we need to know to generate a quote is your date of birth, sex, how much income you’d like to protect and the age you plan to retire. It really couldn’t be easier.

When you have a quote to hand you’re welcome to contact us for a chat about your cover. Of course there’s nothing to stop you calling us before you get a quote. It’s entirely up to you. That’s the way we like to do things at DG Mutual. We like to put our customers in the driving seat.

Official statistics say the number of people unable to work long-term has soared since the start of the credit crunch.  It’s not known how many of these people lose their businesses or home. But you can avoid this happening to you with income protection insurance. Financial security is just a click of the mouse away.