You ensure your health checks are up to date by regularly visiting a dentist, doctor and optician. You even ensure your car meets the correct standard by its annual MOT and service. But one thing you may neglect is your finances.

You may believe you don’t need to regularly check and evaluate your finances but it can help to provide security in the future.

Financial issues can be a big worry, but by being organised and prepared can help you to overcome unfortunate circumstances that may be thrown your way.

Financial experts recommend you look at your financial situation at least once a year to see how you are doing, so ask yourself, when was the last time you looked at your finances?

When giving your finances a routine check, there are some things you need to evaluate. The first is to match up your outgoings with incomings to ensure all bills and everyday expenditure is paid for. Paying for insurances also plays a big part in your financial check as they can help to protect your home, possessions, holidays, car and health.

Another insurance policy that is very valuable is income protection insurance as it provides a regular tax-free income if you can’t work due to illness or injury. And it doesn’t have to be a serious issue to have big financial consequences, even the flu can leave you out of work for a few weeks. This can be difficult enough when you’re employed and your wages are covered by your employer, but it can be even harder if you are self-employed. Income protection insurance is there to provide the financial safety net you need when you do not have the support of an employer.

Enjoying your hard work is also important. Try to put a little aside so you can do the things you love, whether it’s going out for a meal, buying a new outfit or going on a short break.

So by evaluating your current financial position, you can be prepared if the worst happens. But as your financial circumstances change, remember to continually revisit it to make sure it still fits with your present situation so you can make the most out of your money.